WATCH: 10 OPM Band Hits From The Mid-'00s You Sang Along To

Do you know that these songs from your favorite OPM bands were released a decade ago?  Yup, you've been singing along to these classics for about 10 (or so) years already! These are but some of the many OPM band hits that made you sing your heart out many years ago. 

1. Bamboo - "Noypi"

Video courtesy: polyeastrecords 

2. Hale - "The Day You Said Goodnight"

Video courtesy: polyeastrecords

3. Kamikazee - "Narda"

Video courtesy: UniversalRecPH

4. Sugarfree - "Hari Ng Sablay"

Video courtesy: polyeastrecords

5. Sandwich - "Sugod"

Video courtesy: Marie Jamora

6. Imago - "Taralets"

Video courtesy: Marie Jamora

7. Urbandub - "First Of Summer"

Video courtesy: polyeastrecords

8. Callalily - "Stars"

Video courtesy: CallalilyVEVO

9. Cueshe - "Stay"

Video courtesy: CuesheVEVO

10. Itchyworms - Akin Ka Na Lang 

Video courtesy: Marie Jamora

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What other songs made you sing along back then? We want to know! Tell us in the comments!