LISTEN: SUGARFREE And HALE's Studio Albums Now Available For Digital Streaming

Local music fans can now you can rejoice because finally, the music of Hale and Sugarfree are now available for streaming online!

The two breakout OPM bands of the early and mid 2000s pulled off a Taylor Swift-esque move as their studio albums are finally available for streaming on Spotify. Thus, you can now enjoy legal and hassle-free music tripping to these bands' hits whenever and wherever you go. 

Ebe Dancel, the vocalist of the now defunct band Sugarfree, said that he’s always being asked why the band’s albums aren’t accessible for digital streaming. With this, his fans can now be at ease. 

On the other hand, Hale discography is also now available for you guys to listen. “Finally. Better late than never.”, the band said on their post.

The “The Day You Said Goodnight” quartet is also preparing for their U.S. Tour along with Gloc-9, and former 6cyclemind vocalist Ney.

Reminisce and listen to the greatest hits of both Sugarfree and Hale here:


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