MYXclusive: JAMES REID Reveals Correct Fan Theory About His "Cool Down" Music Video!

Right after "Cool Down" debuted on MYX Premiere last month, various fan theories emerged on social media about the ending of his chart-topping music video. The most-raised question was: "How did Nadine Lustre end up on the last part of the music video?" 

Video courtesy: Viva Records

As it turns out, James Reid has a deeper reason as to why he chose to include his girlfriend in the music video. And he couldn't be any more proud of his fans for getting the correct fan theory of the music video for which he conceptualized himself.

"There's a lot of theories, and some of them are very close. I'm surprised. They're so smart, the fans," he said. "Nadine marks the time of my life where everything changed. I mean we weren't together then when we first started. But it marks the time of my life where everything changed," he continued. 

"Well, everyone has their own meaning to the ending. Actually, the whole music video, and they're quite right actually. I read the comments on YouTube and they've hit the nail on the head. They've really got it," Reid added.

"Parang Nadine was supposed to represent. She's not really there. She wasn't actually there. But it was like on my mind. Something like that. Even I don't completely understand it, but I can't put in the music video what's in my head. It's something like she was supposed to represent the start of something big in my life," he revealed.

Meanwhile, Reid also talked about his new album Palm Dreams which he co-produced with his friend POOR TA$TE. 

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  • pseudo_writer69

    posted 2 years ago

    My assumption was correct.