MYXclusive: JOEY AYALA Returns With Upcoming Concert 'Mandiriwa'

One of Philippines' highly renowned OPM artists will take center stage at the Music Museum on September 16, 2017. The legendary Joey Ayala will be returning to the iconic concert venue after 25 years in his upcoming concert, 'Mandiriwa.' 

The show, which title creatively means "one who works with wisdom" or "wisdom-worker", is a workshop in disguise that aims to educate the audience with Joey's own sense of style when it comes to crafting his own music and a celebration of his body of work.

The Filipino icon will reconnect with his band Ang Bagong Lumad and collaborate with various artists such as Bayang Barrios, Dong Abay, Gloc-9, Bullet Dumas, and Juan Miguel Severo in his homecoming reunion concert.

Watch our MYXclusive interview with the one and only Joey Ayala, as he talks about his upcoming concert and how his musical influences played a big part in his career.