MYXclusive: JAMES REID Takes On The Lie Detector Challenge!

The Palm Dreams hitmaker James Reid dropped by the MYX Studio recently and gamely played the Lie Detector Challenge with us. We got to ask him random questions found out which of his answers were "true." 

Watch as the “Cool Down” singer nervously answer very quirky questions like if he ever peed his pants or if he takes a shower daily. Die-hard JaDines would be curious to know too if James would ever date a fan. We also got to confirm his love for the number one music channel in the Philippines. 

Find out if he’s telling the truth as he takes this super fun lie detector challenge in the video below. 

Catch more of James Reid next month because he's our MYX Headliner for the month of August!

Did you enjoy watching this challenge played by James Reid? Tell us in the comments!



  • pseudo_writer69

    posted 2 years ago

    Cute! Talking to the lie detector!

  • harveynaguit

    posted 2 years ago

    Ang cute talaga ni James. I had so much fun watching this.