LISTEN: MAROON 5 Announces Upcoming New Music "What Lovers Do"!

Maroon 5 announced their upcoming new music "What Lovers Do" and in just a brief preview, it already has taken a toll on us!

The song features American singer-songwriter SZA. So if you're curious 'what lovers do', you sure need to listen to it right now. Check out its teaser below and tell us if you love it or not:

The band opened the line for fans to share what they think lovers do by asking them to submit their answers on their official website and tagging them on Twitter. Check out some of the interesting tweets:

 "What Lovers Do" is the third single off the band's sixth album following "Don't Wanna Know" and "Cold". It will be out August 30th.

Are you excited for Maroon 5's new single? Tell us in the comments!