WATCH: EXO-Ls Shookt By EXO's "The Eve" Performance!

It's been weeks since EXO's hot comeback, and EXO-Ls are so here for it! Yep, a lot of reaction videos surfaced online because of their extra sultry stage performance!

To give their fans an extra treat after receiving a huge amount of love from EXO-Ls all over the world for "Ko Ko Bop", the boys did a smooth and sexy performance of "The Eve"! We've compiled some of the best reactions to their comeback performance which will definitely make you sweat! 

Courtesy: The Jess Lyfe

Courtesy: KMoments

Courtesy: Afro Minx

Courtesy: OhMyTape

Courtesy: K!Junkies

Courtesy: JoElla

Courtesy: JoseOchoaTV

Courtesy: Celestialflare

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  • exo_rgs13

    posted 11 months ago

    EXO fever is REAL!!!!!! <3

  • exah

    posted 11 months ago