LOOK: JED MADELA Can't Stop Listening To This K-Pop Group!

Thanks to one Twitter user, now Jed Madela can't stop listening to K-Pop group BTOB! "It's okay", Jed. We feel you.

During the singer's #AskJed session on social media, a fan asked him if he could cover a Korean song and quickly suggested BTOB's song, to which Jed promised to check out.

Filipino Melodies began throwing him a welcome party when the OPM artist admitted that he can't stop listening to the group's music!

Well, looks like it's only a matter of time before we can hear Jed singing the Korean idols' songs. But first, we may have to launch a Korean 101 to help him.

Meanwhile, the obsession saga continues on the road...

Can we already stan forever, Jed?

Do you like Jed to cover BTOB's song? Tell us in the comments!



  • MelodyKsiii

    posted 2 years ago

    We'll wait for the BTOB song cover(s) 😍😍😍

  • MelodyKsiii

    posted 2 years ago

    Thanks for making the Philippine Melodies happy Jed Madela! ??