WATCH: JED MADELA Grants Fans' Request To Cover A K-pop Song

Jed Madela just couldn't say no to your requests, K-Pop fans! The new member of Melody squad accepted your challenge and finally did a cover of BTOB's "It's Okay"!

The OPM icon uploaded the video on his YouTube channel and asked fans to bear with him as he's still unfamiliar with the language. Then, why does it sound so good? Watch it here if you don't believe us:

Video Courtesy: Jed Madela Official

Jed received a warm feedback from stans and called BTOB's Melodies the "nicest fans ever".

 Melodies love you, too, Jed! Now, don't blame us if we keep asking you for more.

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  • MelodyKsiii

    posted 2 years ago

    Thank you Sir Jed for making the HEARTS and EARS of Philippine Melodies really happy!😍??
    Hoping to hear more!💙
    Let's stan BTOB together 🤗