BEFORE YOU EXIT Reveals Their Most Favorite Music Videos On TAKE 5 @ 10:30PM!

Pinoy Exiters, listen up!

Since we know you just can't get enough of your favorite band, we are bringing them back on MYX!

Catch Before You Exit on Star MYX tonight at 10:30PM!

On tonight's special episode, it's the American pop band's turn to request for their all-time favorite music videos!

Plus, watch the MYX premiere of their latest single "I Like That", right before they reveal their #1 pick.

So tune in to MYX at exactly 10:30 tonight to see Connor, Riley and Toby one more time!

Check out the band taking selfies at the recent Circuit Fest 2013  here.

See if our roving camera caught you in the act of worshiping the boys at the Pre-Concert Party and Fan Encounter here.

Can YOU name Before You Exit's five favorite musc videos as mentioned on Star MYX? Write down your answers in our comment box below!



  • LittleBlackSwiftie

    posted 6 years ago

    Connor <3


    posted 6 years ago

    1.Payphone by Maroon 5

    2.Gangnam Style by Psy

    3.Here It Goes by Ok Go

    4.Grenade by Bruno Mars

    5.Thriller by Michael Jackson

  • byetobylicious

    posted 6 years ago

    1st - Payphone by Maroon 5
    2nd - Gangnam Style by Psy
    3rd - Here it goes by Ok Go
    4th - Grenade by Bruno Mars
    5th - Thriller by Michael Jackson

  • Misha Tadal

    posted 6 years ago

    1st pick: Payphone - Maroon 5
    2nd pick: I Like That - Before You Exit <3 #likethatvideosomuch. :"""""">
    3rd pick: Gangnam Style - PSY
    4th pick: Grenade - Bruno Mars
    5th pick: Thriller - Michael Jackson
    I think there is a replay tomorrow, fellow exiters. :) Its around 1:30-2:00

  • BYEkat

    posted 6 years ago

    Is there a replay? :( please I missed it :(