MYX Vlogger Search

The #1 music channel in the Philippines is looking for the new face of its official website through the first ever MYX Vlogger Search! Yup, the search is on for the next online sensation!


Do you love making dance covers or lip sync videos? Or posting video diaries, pranks, jokes and online tutorials? Want to try new things and meet all sorts of people? If you're a fun and adventurous individual who's bursting with charm and ideas, then you might be what we're looking for!

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1. The search is open to:

- Male or Female, 18-25 years old

- GMA (Greater Manila Area) residents

2. Fill out the required fields below with your personal details.

3. Upload your photo and your 30-second to 1-minute audition video showing us why you should be our MYX Vlogger! (Video should be in .mov or .mp4 format) See sample video here:

4. Tell us anything you want to share about yourself in the essay box below!


I am submitting an audition video (the "Audition Video") to Creative Programs, Inc. ("CPI") to be considered for exhibition on CPI's cable television channel MYX Music Channel and website (the "Platforms").

By submitting the Audition Video,

1. I grant to CPI the non-exclusive right to publicly display or otherwise communicate to the public, exhibit, broadcast, exploit, and to reproduce the Audition Video on the Platforms, throughout the world.

2. I acknowledge that I shall receive valuable and sufficient consideration in the form of exhibition and promotion of the Audition Video on the Platforms. I agree that CPI shall not be required to and shall not make any payment to me or anyone on my behalf in the exercies by CPI of the rights granted under this Agreement.

3. I acknowledge that CPI is under no obligation to exhibit the Audition Video, and that CPI has the prerogative to not exhibit the Audition Video. I understand that CPI shall not require any fee or payment for the exhibition by CPI of the Audition Video.

4. I agree that should CPI exhibit the Audition Video, such exhibition shall be subject to the programming of the Platforms as to placement and runs.

5. I agree that CPI may make modifications to the Audition Video to include screen credits such as name, and copyright notices; or to pixelate any brand or product placement within the Audition Video. Any modification to the Audition Video shall not require my prior written approval.

6. I warrant and represent that:

a. I have the right to grant CPI the rights granted under this Agreement;

b. There is no agreement or commitment with any other person or corporation which will interfere with the rights granted to CPI;

c. I own and control all exhibition, performance and all other rights granted to CPI in or to the Audition Video and that I have obtained all necessary licenses, consents and releases required for the production, synchronization, exhibition, performance, distribution, marketing and exploitation of the Audition Video hereunder.

d. I have secured the necessary approval, consent and release of all persons appearing in the Audition Video to allow CPI to exhibit and reproduce such persons' name, likeness and image;

e. I assume full and complete responsibility for the fulfillment of all obligations and commitments to all persons engaged to furnish services for the production of the Audition Video, and I warrant that such persons have no claims from CPI in connection with the Audition; and

f. The Audition Video, any part or element thereof, any material or music contained therein or synchronized therewith, the title, or the exercise of any right granted to CPI, does not infringe or will not infringe any trademark, trade name, contract, copyright, patent, artistic, dramatic, private, civil or property right or any other right of any person, firm or corporation.

7. I shall indemnify any hold CPI, its officers, directors, agents, stockholders, employees, and sponsors of the Platforms harmless from and against any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses including the attorney's fees, resulting from any judgment recovered in any action or proceeding by any third party based on anything contained in the Audition Video or upon my breach of my warranties and representations, and undertakings.

8. I warrant that I am of full legal age (if above eighteen (18) years of age) and of full capacity, and have every right to contract in my own name and grant the right and releases herein. I further warrant that I have read this Rights Agreement, and that I am fully familiar with and understand its contents.



  • Iamace

    posted 3 years ago

    Hi When will we know the result of this audition??

  • videoke_queen

    posted 3 years ago


  • Johan.MYX

    posted 3 years ago

    I can't upload mine as well. :(

  • DaveCua

    posted 3 years ago

    Can't upload videos as well. :(

  • Neko_Hosh

    posted 4 years ago

    ako rin po di makapagsubmit ng entry.