Full Name Donato Antonio L. Pangilinan Nickname Donny Birthday February 10, 1998 Height 6'0" School Graduated Brent International School Manila Favorite Color Black Favorite Music Genre Chill House Favorite Movie Star Wars
Favorite Cartoons Spongebob
Favorite Super Hero Batman & Iron Man
Fashion Style Basics

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  • UltimateNavi

    posted 4 days ago

    Hello VJ Donny, this is my first time to write here on Myx and I just wanted to have it with you coz maybe I find you special. Naks!! Haha! I just wanted to tell you, it's cool what you doin' right now like on a such young you finally do the things you're passionate about. So here's my question for you, if you'd be given the oppurtunity from any network to have huge break in acting besides hosting, will you gladly give that one shot to do so? Or will you stick on hosting? I&#

  • beverly_jeon

    posted 4 days ago

    Hi Vj Donny this is my first sending message on myx.I hope mabasa niyo po ito.Idol ko po talaga kayo.Pa shout out na din po kay Wendy na bff ko.Love you 😘 hahaha

  • Royyyzzz

    posted 5 days ago

    Hi vj Donny, i really enjoyed watching your Videos with vj sunny you really got click each other. Im hoping to see you with the other vj personal. Since it is a ask anything, i want to know lang po on how to be you? Hahahaah thank you so much for inspiring a lot of people. 😍

  • jhenry_maque

    posted 14 days ago

    Vj Donnyy! May nitweet akong picture sayo pero hanggang ngayon wala paring respond, huhu. Lagi rin kita minemention, nagpepray ako na sana mapansin mo ako sa twitter @jhenry_maque, huhu. Nid-dm rin kita, pansinin mo na ako please? *puppy eyes* Pero yun lang, love na love kita with the love of the Lord hihi *kilig* notice na this, koyaa. Iloveyou and Godbless always! *hart hart*

  • sabrina910

    posted 15 days ago

    Hello VJ Donny! It's so nice to meet you(/to know a person like you exist) even if we havent actually met. I hope that someday we will:) My question is how do you prevent laziness conquer your system? Thank you for answering! I really admire you a lot. Have a really nice day and continue to spread His love:)